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Citrine Throne Oil - Sacral Chakra - Balancing -Normal to Oily Skin

Citrine Throne Oil - Sacral Chakra - Balancing -Normal to Oily Skin


What Is It?

Botanical & Organic Oils formulated to balance oily to normal complexions. Aids in the appearance of un even skin tones and breakouts. May be combined with Fields and Flower Hydra Creme's for added hydration for those complexions sensitive to redness and pimples. All Throne Oils may be used for annoitment during meditations focused on the Sacral Chackra. 


Why Citrine for Sacral Chakra ? 

This formulation of oils is focused on the calming of the Sacral Chakra Zone wich has been connected to the hormonal and reproductive region. Hormones can often dictate stress upon complexions. Citrine Throne Oil is designed to calm the appearance of the complexion.

For external use only. Caution this product contains citrine gemstones. Do not use without the spray pump and as directed. 

Try Blushing Quartz - Calm / Hydrate Heart Chakra 


How To Use 

Apply a dime size of the oil with wet hans over entire face. For maximum results apply Fields & Flower Cell Primer prior and allow to remain dewey upon Oil application. For added  hydration in the evening follow with  Fields and Flowers Hydra Creme to encourage deep pentration. Do not use on broken skin or get in eyes. For external use only..

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