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* Shapes and Colors Vary *

South American mined, Citrine has been admired for its beautiful variations of colors and jewel facets. In the " history of spiritual healing " it is known as a, powerful regenerator stone that assists in meditation. It has also been associated as the Ruler's staff jewel of honor and balance. It is storied to never indulge in theft or greed by using the name Citrine as it would bring bad luck upon its creator, reveal its envy publically, bankrupt fortunes and rob the bloodlines of good health.  This is a powerful stone for meditation.


    Spiritual & Promotions:

    Promotes: abundance, wealth, self esteem, concentration, psychic. 

    Dispel: fears, depression, phobias, anger.

    Healing: cleanse chakras, degenerative diseases, digestion, spleen, pancreas, kidney bladder, eyes, blood & circulation


    Spiritually Charging Your Crystal

    In a quiet place without interuptions, cup your crystal in your hands. Concetrate on all the positive things that you would like to come into your realm. Do not say or think what you dont want as this wastes precious thoughts and energies that should not be focused on when casting positive thoughts. If you can, close your eyes and imagine a light coming through a door opening up and all the positive thoughts bursting through with abundance. When done simply say thank you. Plave your crystal in a prominent location and admire its natural hope and beauty. Remember your individuality will lead you and there is no wrong way to charge your crystal or stone as long as your thoughts remain loving and positive.

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